Welcome to Glamping pe Drum Transfagarasan !

Willkommen, Laskavo Prosymo,Vítejte, Udvozoljuk, Vitajte, Powitanie, Dobre doshli, Bun Venit, Benvenuto, Bienvenu, Bienvenidos !


Glamping pe Drum Transfagarasan is an exquisite glamping founded in March 2022 (director/manager of the glamping Dr. Voiculescu, Cerasela). It is located on Transfagarasan mountain road, Romania, in Curtea de Arges, an old Wallachian town, one of the medieval capitals of Wallachia ruled by Negru Voda, the legendary founder voivod/prince of Wallachia. Two historic Wallachian monasteries/churches located in the region are named after his name : Fortress Church Negru Voda and Negru Voda Monastery, Campulung. Check this folk-rock tune by Pheonix called 'Balada Negru Voda', about Negru Voda/Dark Voivod and his army

The glamping gives access to a large orchard with amazing landscape and scenic views. It accepts IngSoftPos payments and discounts on the spot if the booking is made in advance with the manager or through an official booking website (e.g. Iturist or any other booking website for at least one night reservation). Tasty food and burgers from local restaurants, beverages and other products from Profi and Kaufland can be delivered to the glamping address by using Glovo Food Delivery app :) (Thr Black Angus beef burger and strong dark Silva beer/lager, exquisite Transylvanian Heineken in the jar - recommended by GDT). Check it out and enjoy ;) 

The glamping is located on the beautiful Subcarpathian hills, an area close to awesome unexplored rock monasteries such as Corbi monastery (31 km), Negru Voda fortress monastery (51 km), Pahomie monastery (63.8 km), and magnificient Olt Valley (47 km), soul lifting Cozia National Park (Stanisoara monastery 52 km ; Turnu monastery 49 km), and Cozia mountain peaks (Ciuha Mare 1668, Ciuha Mica 1629) accessible by foot from Cozia cottage (15-20 min). There is also the Poenari Fortress (29.4 km) or Vlad the Impaler's fortress, placed on the most spectacular mountain road in Europe, Transfagarasan, which crosses the Fagaras mountains over impressive viaducts, with picturesque mountain and lake landscape (Vidraru Lake and hydroelectric dam, 830m), reaching the top at Balea glacial lake and cottage, elevation 2034 m, connecting two beautiful historic regions of Eastern Europe, Wallachia and Transylvania and two medieval towns : Curtea de Arges and Sibiu/Hermannstadt.    

Have a nice holiday and looking forward to meeting you ! 


Leather covers for armchair pillows 
especially made for Glamping pe Drum Transfagarasan

Bali style furniture
Blackberry night bar

 Indonesian marble bowl 

Detergent for glass in the black double dispenser 

Cherry tree pub

Walnut tree pub

Glamping by Night 

Himalayan salt lamps 


Night colourful glamping bar lights 
(5 colours changing) 
Himalayan salt lamps 

Belle View on the Glamping's street
Sightseeing spot on the top of the hill, 2 minutes by car, 
15 min by foot from glamping's location 

                                                               Kiting on Tarnita Plateau !
   Perfect seaside shore summer breeze for midday climbing and kitting !
    The road goes up to other 2 sightseeing spots                             
                                                                     Tarnita street



Sightseeing in the Area

                     When you arrive, local visits !


                                              Curtea de Arges Monastery,
                                                        old Wallachian town symbol 
Old Royal Wallachian Court
Curtea de Arges

San Nicoara, Medieval Church Ruins

Corbi, Rock Monastery 

                         Next Day

Negru Voda 
rock monastery

20 minutes walk 

Campulung old Wallachian town

Catholic church Baratia

Campulung's Negru Voda Monastery

 Museum of ethnography and folklore 

Hydroelectric dam Rausaor
near Campulung 
8 km from Leresti village

Dragoslavele monastery
Maramuresean church, near Campulung

        Ciocanu  monastery, Bughea de Jos
                      near Campulung


Valcean Village Museum
Bujureni village-Valcea county, 7 km from Ramnicu Valcea city

    Pahomie Rock Monastery 
Olanesti Baths

Buila-Vanturarita National Park


Stanisoara Monastery
Cozia National Park
4*4 car much better

Turnu Monastery
Cozia National Park 
close to Caciulata resort

Cozia Cottage 1573m
4*4 car is a must. Travel only through Calimanesti-Caciulata. Ask locals for the correct forest road.

                                     Enjoy !


                       When you leave for home

Transfagarasan !

                   Vlad the Impaler's Fortress 


Vidraru Lake 

Vidraru Lake & hydroelectric dam

Valea cu Pesti Cottage 

Cumpana Cottage 
on the other side of the lake

Piscu Negru Cottage

Paraul Capra Cottage 

Balea Lake cottage 2034 m


The Magnificent Olt Valley !
 near Calimanesti-Caciulata
Ostrov Church island, viewpoint Olt Valley, Calimanesti

              Caciulata Thermal Baths              
            Calimanesti Thermal Baths        


Exquisite Hermannstadt/Sibiu !

Enjoy your trip !